Sunday, 17 December 2017

More On #NIDS

There is a famous saying, “If you want to hide something, put it in a book.”  That is so true of NIDS communications.  I have heard many arguments for NIDS anchoring on the premise that if NIDS were in effect, the status of Dr Shane Alexis, the People's National Party's candidate for St. Mary South Eastern would have been public knowledge before nomination.  

I have also seen people promoting the idea that non-citizens should not be able to access medical and education for free.  NIDS them out of the system. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Talking About #NIDS

According to the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), "Your voters' ID is used as a de facto national ID (and in some cases internationally) accepted."  Rumour has it that Jamaica has the best electoral identification system in the world.  Rumour also has it that the system is in high demand but use is strangled by Copyright issues.  A Voters’ List is published twice yearly to confirm eligibility to vote and is a document subject to public scrutiny.  What better system of identification, verification, validation could you ask for here in Jamaica? 

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Jamaica Missing One Million! #Shh

Map of Jamaica Population Census 2011
Source: Balcostics Research 
With the much-debated National Identification System (NIDS) set to take Jamaica by storm, I was happy to read that the Electoral Office of Jamaica published the November 2017 Voters’ List.  To be a voter in Jamaica, one has to reach the age of 18, so you can imagine my surprise that of a population of just about 2.8 million persons, Jamaica has managed to have 70% of total population and 96% of the adult population registered to vote.